It’s important to ask a client questions during the course of representation. These questions help the firm advocate for the client and pursue the case aggressively. In addition to communicating during representation, it’s important to ask a client a few questions when a case ends.

These questions touch on the client’s satisfaction with the firm’s representation. Even though the answers may be hard to hear, they can help the law firm improve their services. In the end, happier clients can lead to increased revenue and firm growth. Here are some questions that a law firm should ask when they conduct an exit interview with a client:

Is the Firm Easy to Work With?

A law firm should meet the client on their own terms. This is an open-ended question that may help the firm improve case management. A firm might hear that they’re easy to get a hold of with a phone call. A client might say that they prefer more email communication instead of calls. This question can keep the firm in touch with how clients prefer to do business in the modern world.

What do you like about the firm?

An important part of great service is capitalizing on strengths. Hearing what the firm does well can help you market these aspects to prospective new clients.

Can the Firm do Anything Better?

Just asking a client for this feedback can make them more satisfied with a firm’s services. They’re more likely to think that the firm cares about their input. The firm can use the feedback to make positive changes for the next client.

Did the Firm Meet your Expectations?

It’s important to allow a client to share how their experience differs from what they walked in the door expecting. This can help the firm prepare clients for what to expect more effectively in the future.

Did the Firm Communicate with you Effectively?

Clients often complain that their attorneys don’t do enough to keep in touch. If a client says that the firm didn’t communicate effectively, a great way to follow up is by asking them how the firm could improve with future clients.

Are you Willing to Suggest the Firm’s Services?

A great way to get referrals is to ask. Planting this seed in the client’s mind can help the client think of the firm when a friend or family member asks for a recommendation. It’s a good idea to tell the client about the firm’s practice areas and the type of clients that the firm is looking for.

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